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Eyebrows design


The importance of eyebrows design


Your appearance is significantly influenced by your eyebrows.  The attention will be drawn to the brows  if they are too thin, uneven, or badly shaped. However, if your brows are symmetrical, the right thickness and most importantly the correct shape, they will balance harmonically the whole face.

What to expect?

I create individualized eyebrows that complement your natural beauty by creating the ideal design for your particular face shape.  During the appointment you will be laying down relaxing with your eyes closed. I'll make sure you feel gorgeous whether you choose a subtle or daring appearance of your eyebrows.


How long will they last?

The eyebrows shape will last anywhere from 3 - 4 weeks with good care. Fading of the tint is expecting with your specific skincare routine.. In order to keep your brows looking full and correctly shaped, maintenance  appointments are necessary every 3 - 4 weeks.

Before your appointment

I recommend that you arrive to your appointment 15 minutes before, with your eyebrow make-up completely removed.


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