Classic Lashes   $165     1h 45 min

If you just want a classic natural look with longer lashes this will be your best choice. The process it’s done by applying one lash extension on one natural lash.


Volume Lashes   $260     2 hours

If what are you looking for is a more dramatic look, then the volume it’s the way to go. The process it’s done by creating handmade fans of 2 to 4 lashes per fan, customizing a full body eyelash look.


Russian/Mega Volume Lashes    $300       2h 30min

If you live by More is More, and you want your lashes to be big, glam, and fluffy, then you should probably go for the mega volume, which it is done by applying handmade fans of 5 or more lashes, for a extreme glamour look.

1 Weeks Classic Fill                     $65         45min

1 Weeks Volume Fill                   $75          45min

1 Weeks Russian Fill                  $85           55min

2 Weeks Classic Fill                   $75           1h

2 Weeks Volume Fill                  $95           1h15min 

2 Weeks Russian Fill                  $110         1h15min

3 Weeks Classic Fill                    $90           1h30min

3 Weeks Volume Fill                  $120          1h30min

3 Weeks Russian Fill                  $150          1h30min


Lash Lift       $75          45 min

The lash lift it’s a great alternative to lash extension! This treatment enhance your own natural lashes by adding curl and definition that will last up to 8 weeks!


Eyelash tinting         $20      20 min

The lash tint will add length and definition to the lashes. For blonds eliminates the need of applying mascara.

Lash Lift+Tinting         $85      60 min

Brow tinting              $20      15 min

Customized color for a more defined and full body brow.

Brow shaping         $25      30 min

Shaping your brows to perfectly frame your eyes! Measuring the face and eyes shape, waxing, tweezing, trimming and brows make up are included in this treatment.

Brow packet          $40  

Brows shaping + tinting




Permanent Make up     $500      2 hours 30 min

Consultation  $50  1 hour

A consultation is required before going through the microblading procedure. At this point you will get detailed information about the procedure, go over the after care, shape and color of the brows. Shaping and tinting of brows is recommended!

Touch-ups within 12 months -18 months     $225        2 hours

Depending on the sun exposure and the skin treatments that you do after the microblading, you might need a color refresher.



European facials  $95  60 min

Add on – Dermaplaning   $30     20 min

Is a mechanical exfoliation that removes the dead skin cells and all the peach fuzz on the face.


Add on – Light therapy  $30     20 min

Revolutionary treatment that focuses and target different skin condition or needs.


Add on – Microcurent  $30        20 min

Focuses on tightening and toning sagging skin by stimulating the face muscles.


Add on – High Frequency $30    20 min

High frequency light that kills bacteria on the dermal layer of the skin. Helps with acne, fine lines, wrinkles.


*** Cancellations less than 48 hours from your scheduled appointment time, as well as simply not showing up for your service will result in your credit card being charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of the appointment booked. Cancellation policy strictly enforced. ***